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Florida teen saves cop/ Raider’s player charity

Jan. 20 Florida teen saves cop: I found this on Yahoo news:

Fort Lauderdale, FL — A Florida teen was honored by Fort Lauderdale police on Tuesday after his quick decision helped to save the life of a police officer who was arresting him.

Jamal Rutledge, 17, was handcuffed and sitting in the Fort Lauderdale police booking facility on Sept. 10, a few feet away from a desk where Officer Franklin Foulks was doing paperwork.

Only a few seconds pass before Rutledge gets up to check on the officer and immediately determines him to be in distress.

The handcuffed Rutledge then began kicking the security fence and yelling for help in an effort to alert other officers in the area.

Rutledge, along with the three other officers involved in saving Foulks’ life will be officially honored on Jan. 21 at a city commission meeting.

My opinion: That’s some good news after all the bad news of young black men being killed by police officers.

Post Secret: This was on the website on Oct. 25, 2014:

“Being told how smart I was when I was little has ruined my life.”

My opinion: That reminds me of parenting articles in the newspaper where I read about complimenting your child.  It’s about encouraging them to try and give effort instead of just how smart they are.

“May. 1, 1969: I had a baby girl and gave her up. I know it was the right thing to do but self hate and shame are still with me.  I pray she is happy and has a good life.”

There is a picture of a sign that says Safe Surrender Site with a silhouette of a baby: “We will never know anything about you- not even your name, we DO know how much courage it took to make the decision that you did.  THANK YOU!  Because of that decision we have a beautiful and amazing daughter.”

“Everytime there is a school shooting, I hope that my high school peers remember how they treated me.”

Get enough sleep: I found this Yahoo article on Jul. 23, 2014 called “Getting 8 hrs of sleep a night- you might just want to cut back.”  Here’s an excerpt:

“The lowest mortality and morbidity is with seven hours,” Shawn Youngstedt, a professor in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation at Arizona State University Phoenix, told the Wall Street Journal. “Eight hours or more has consistently been shown to be hazardous.” Experts still generally recommend the range of seven to nine hours nightly for healthy adults, but the ideal number seems to have dropped ever so slightly. It’s why both the Center for Disease Control and Prevention has funded a partnership with the American Academy of Sleep Medicine — the National Healthy Sleep Awareness Project — to discern how to best update recommended sleep guidelines in the coming year, and why the nonprofit National Sleep Foundation is doing the same.

Sandra: Cut back???  Seriously.  I barely get 5 hours a night.  I'm friggin exhausted all  
the time.  I'm up at 6 am, get the boys up, get them breakfast, make lunches, get them dressed, have them out of the house by 7:00, get them to daycare.  I'm at work by 8:00.  work til 4:00.  shop, plan supper, start supper, pick them up from daycare, get home before supper burns. Starts the laundry, tries to clean house, tries to have time to just play with my boys, feeds them, gets them into the shower, covers whatever homework is assigned to them, get them in pjs.  gets them to sleep, folds the laundry,cleans the dishes, figures out what bills I'm paying today.  Dust, vacuum, laundry.  Try to figure out what the heck I'm going to pack them for lunch tomorrow.  I go to bed about 12:00.  Can't sleep cause my mind won't turn off regarding what has to be done when 6:00am comes again. If you can please tell me your secret

My opinion: We should all get 8 hrs of sleep.  Also reading Sandra’s comment was overwhelming.  In her case, it’s about time management and prioritizing.  You should make sandwiches for lunch and make it the night before so you aren’t as rushed in the morning.

Danish dad wins lottery: I found this on Yahoo “Danish dad shocks sons with nearly $3 million lottery.”  There is a video and the sons faces are blurred.  They look like they’re in their late teens and early 20s.  The dad had an indirect approach to telling them the news. 

Dad: I have to tell you something.
Son: Is it bad?
Dad: No.

At first he gives them some cash.  Then later an iPad and more cash.  Then he tells them he won the lottery.  The sons are like: “Oh my god!” lol.    You can watch the video here.

Daredevil eaten alive by anaconda: This was quite awhile back, but here’s a 3min interview:

Paul Rosolie was deliberately eaten alive by an anaconda for an upcoming Discovery TV special. The daredevil recounts what it was like to go into the belly of the beast.

My opinion: I didn’t watch the special, because I’m not really into nature and animal shows.  I heard about it on the radio station 91.7 The Bounce.  The DJ said she watched it, and the last 7 min was where he gets eaten alive.  The majority of it was trying to find a big enough anaconda.

Truck goes up in flames: This truck flips a few times and blows up.  Fortunately, nobody got hurt.  You should check it out:

Jan. 25 Raider’s player charity: I found this on Yahoo news: 

You know, there are people involved in the NFL who use their vast powers and resources for good. Here's one of those stories. Fox Sports' Jay Glazer connected the Oakland Raiders with the family of 4-year-old Ava Urerra of Las Vegas. Ava has a heart condition that Glazer says is like having "half a heart." The result was magnificent.

The Raiders offered young Ava, who has undergone 14 different procedures on her heart, the opportunity to "captain" the team, and gave her signed gear and toys throughout a visit with the team. Offensive lineman Menelik Watson, so touched by Ava's condition, donated his entire game check, $18,000, to help with the expenses of Ava's family.

Saving a child: I found this on Yahoo news:

A bystander who intervened in what police called the attempted abduction of a baby in an East Vancouver grocery store Saturday says he had to pull the would-be abductor's arms off the child.

"I was trying to talk him down and he wouldn't let go of the child, so that was a pretty scary thing," said Joel Pipher.

Pipher, 26, walked into his neighbourhood grocery store, Donald's Market, to get provisions for a late breakfast Saturday morning.

The 26-year-old's only regret is not asking someone to call police immediately. The man is accused of uttering threats at another baby after leaving the store, before police made an arrest.

"I was thinking I've gotta get this guy away from her, the mother, away from the child and away from anybody else."

Friday, January 23, 2015

"How to build brand You in the workplace"

Dec. 24 "How to build brand You in the workplace": I cut out this Globe and Mail article by Chris Barez-Brown on Sept. 7, 2011.  This is a very inspirational article, and asks good questions.  I felt energized reading it.  Here’s the whole article:

When Bono, the lead singer of U2, goes into any organisation as part of his well-publicised mission to eradicate debt in developing countries, the first question he asks is: "Who's Elvis around here?"

It's a great question. Elvis Presley was the original personal brand: sure of what he stood for, instantly recognisable, with a set of clearly defined talents. It made him shine. Bono is asking who stands out, breaks the rules, makes things happen – and probably loves every minute of it.

This matters to you even if your day job doesn't help the world's disadvantaged. We should all strive to be the person Bono is looking for. Decisions are made every day that influence the work you do, the breaks you get and the opportunities that give you a chance to get ahead. Whatever you want from your work – money, fame, lifestyle, excitement or the next big project – can come down to being at the top of the list in the minds of the people who give you those breaks.

If they believe you will create value, think differently and see opportunities, you'll get the nod. You need to be Elvis: stand out and stand for something distinctive; do iconic work, one big thing at a time; and make sure that you're part of the future.

1 Choose to stand out

Shining isn't compulsory. If anything, the opposite is true. Society certainly won't encourage you to shine; most employers will do their best to make you fit in, be small and unnoticed.

Business needs its worker ants, those who turn up every day and toe the line, head down, never challenging the status quo. Most managers will admit that it's harder to manage Elvises. The talented ones are too much for mediocre managers to bear, as they constantly strive to improve standards.

So there is plenty of space for you to carry on in this world without causing ripples, without being noticed, and no one will object if you do. But always remember that you have another option. You can be you. All of you. You can be that extraordinary human being that you have always known lies deep within you.

You can decide that it's time for the real you to cast off the shackles you have been using to define yourself, and shine in all that you do. You can stand tall, take a huge bite out of this life and savour the taste.

The choice is yours. Why aren't you making it? If you are scared, what are you scared of? What can really go wrong? If you are lazy, take a good look at the person you'll become if you don't change.

2 Know what you stand for

Things change because people care. There is no point trying to have a big impact on something that is meaningless to you. Why would you bother?

You also need to focus. Without it human beings don't function well: our brains are less efficient and our energy becomes dispersed. So choose carefully where to invest your time. Ask yourself: what's important to you, important enough to fight for, important enough to make a stand? What have you read that has created a real reaction in you?

What have been the real highs and lows of the last year, and why? What was it that created such resonance in you? Are you passionate about learning and growth, trying new things, diversity? Do you feel challenged by exciting stimulation, collaboration, or risk taking? Do you love the arts in business, or helping others discover their talents?

You can be motivated by anything that gives you energy and helps you make a mark on the world in a unique way. How can it be linked to what you do every day? Once it is, you will have the power of stampeding elephants and the belief that changes the big stuff. Make it happen.

3 Do 'iconic'

If your resources are limited and you are in an environment where everyone is clamouring for attention, just do the big stuff.

Find a project that's significant, so that when you nail it everyone will be talking about it. Aim to do something that will become the stuff of legend, a project that can be your legacy. When you come across such an opportunity, throw everything you have at it to guarantee its sparkly success. By doing so your profile will be super-enhanced, to a far greater degree than if you were to expend the same effort over 10 averagely interesting projects.

Once, at dinner with friends, I met a lovely guy who I can only think of as Bramble Man. He had invented the fantastic cocktail that is the Bramble. He lives for ever in my mind as the legend responsible for one of my favourite drinks. God bless the Bramble.

I recently saw a YouTube clip that explained how an American called Alec Brownstein used Google AdWords to get the attention of the creative directors he wanted to work for. When they googled their names, as all creative directors should, an ad with his name on it popped up saying: "Googling yourself is a lot of fun. Hiring me is fun too."

It cost him $6. He was offered two jobs and is now a senior copywriter at the Young & Republican advertising agency in New York. Simple, iconic action that made young Alec stand out from the crowd. And that's what doing iconic projects is all about; making a lasting impression that creates a halo around you.

4 One Big Thing

Every morning when you arrive at work, identify the One Big Thing that you need to achieve before you go home.

So often I see people sit down at their desk, turn on their computer and start reacting to the world and what the world wants. Many of them won't take their eyes from their screens until it's time to leave. They have spent the entire day out of control, working to other people's agendas.

What is your agenda? If you are clear on where you are going, you can be clear on what you have to do each day: the One Big Thing.

We all love to multitask and to play with all our toys in our sandboxes; busy feels important and effective. But it also dilutes our energy. It is impossible to have impact when your attention is divided among so many projects, conversations, and pleas for help.

A friend of mine told me about a guy he'd met in a Las Vegas casino who was betting big and obviously loving every minute. They got into conversation and it emerged that the high roller had made his money in publishing. He had written an algorithm that identified the most common search term on the internet that elicited the least information. The answer was "parrots".

He then went to a well-known zoo, found the parrot expert there and commissioned him to write a book on parrots. He published the first chapter free online and then made the rest of it downloadable for a fee. In the first month he made hundreds of thousands of dollars; in the first year millions. Parrot Man had One Big Thing and he went for it with all his energy. The purity of his idea and his single-minded focus has brought him huge rewards.

If you always know what your One Big Thing is, you have a much greater chance of success.

5 Be in the picture

Business needs a clear view of where it is going. You need to make that view relevant to you and to the people you work with. The best leaders I know are relentless communicators, who always tell stories about the things that are most important to the business at that time. These stories soon become a part of company legend and culture.

If you want to stand out from the crowd, make sure you know where things are going, and tell good stories to illustrate it. Populate your stories with people you want to make heroes of: the finance director who saved a million; the PA who saved her boss's bacon by spotting a flaw in his plan; the engineer who fiddled with an idea over many weekends that ended up being the next innovation.

Every time you tell that story you give your characters more energy and more chance to shine. In the same way, make sure there are some stories featuring you. Just as you tell stories about others, others will tell stories about you. And there is nothing better than being part of the business's projected future to make sure you stand out from the crowd.

To make these stories really effective, align them to your company's strategic goals. You have to tell a tale that is both simple and memorable, one that creates an emotional response and ends with a clear outcome that is all the richer for having you involved.

It works best if the stories aren't overtly self-promoting, but instead show you in a positive light in comparison with the values of the business. For example, if your business thrust is all about taking more risk, tell a story of how you did just that and got it wrong … yet your boss remained supportive because you were trying to follow the business's commitment to a portfolio approach.

Tell stories, and paint a picture of the future – but make sure you're in it.

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DJ Maretimo Islands Of Chill - No.13, 14, 15, 16

Islands Of Chill - No.13 Koh Samui, Selected by DJ Maretimo, Beautiful Chillout Flight

A picture of a beautiful sunset on the left side.  There are some boats floating around.

Islands Of Chill - No.14 Cancun - Mexico, Selected by DJ Maretimo, Yucatan Chillout Flight

A picture of a white sand beach, with lots of gray umbrellas.  There are lots of white apartment buildings on the left side.

Islands Of Chill - No.15 Jamaica, Selected by DJ Maretimo, Beautiful Chillout Flight

There is a long wooden dock stretched into bright aqua blue ocean.  There's a boat on the left side of the dock.

Islands Of Chill - No.16 Sicilia, Selected by DJ Maretimo, Beautiful Chillout Flight

It's a bird's eye view of islands.  There is water all around the islands.  It looks like a view from space.

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VIDEO: See how you made a difference for children in 2014.

Thank you from UNICEF Canada for your support during a year that was so devastating for children.

The year 2014 was one of horror, fear and despair for millions of children, as worsening conflicts across the world saw them exposed to extreme violence and its consequences, forcibly recruited and deliberately targeted by warring groups. Yet many crises no longer capture the world’s attention.

As many as 15 million children are caught up in violent conflicts in the Central African Republic, Iraq, South Sudan, the State of Palestine, Syria and Ukraine – including those internally displaced or living as refugees. Globally, an estimated 230 million children currently live in countries and areas affected by armed conflicts.

But amidst this chaos, there was hope: supporters like you.

You helped UNICEF be there for children, whether it was delivering urgent aid or ensuring that ongoing development efforts continued. And you can help us make 2015 a better year for children everywhere.

Thank you.

He started a blog: He got 10 years and 1,000 lashes

He started a blog: He got 10 years and 1,000 lashes

Dear Tracy,

Raif Badawi started a blog where readers could openly discuss religion, politics and other topics in Saudi Arabia. For this peaceful act, he was sentenced to 10 years in prison and 1,000 lashes.

Raif is a man of principle and a respected Saudi activist. Two years ago, after starting the Saudi Arabian Liberals blog, he was imprisoned by the Saudi Arabian government, who claimed he insulted Islam and violated the Kingdom's repressive information technology laws.

He's now serving 10 years and was sentenced to 1,000 lashes. His wife hasn't seen him and fears for his life. So do we at Amnesty.

Please help us win Raif's release and the release of other Prisoners of Conscience like him. Make your first donation to Amnesty now and your gift will go twice as far until December 31st.

Plus, when you make a donation of $50 or more, we'll send you an Amnesty t-shirt you so you can start a conversation about human rights wherever you go.

Our team is pressuring the Saudi Government to release Raif. We have the experience. We have the connections. We have freed countless other people like him. But we can only do it when we have financial support from people like you.

Raif's wife Ensaf told us that he taught her to "always hang on" and be resilient, despite the circumstances.

I'm hanging on and will continue the fight for his release. Please join me.
Jasmine HeissSincerely,
Jasmine Heiss
Senior Campaigner, Individuals at Risk Program
Amnesty International USA

P.S. Donate before December 31st and your donation will go twice as far. Thank you.

I am looking forward to trying your recipe....

Dear Tracy,

I sent you an email a couple of weeks ago with a link to some special recipes, along with a request to submit your own kid-friendly recipe.

I have to admit, I’ve been enjoying reading the recipes coming in from our generous friends and supporters across Canada.

I haven’t noticed your recipe yet, which is why I’m sending you this brief reminder to submit your recipe and donation online!

I also wanted to remind you of some great news.  

Your gift has double the impact this year thanks to Quaker® Canada, Tostitos® Canada, and parent company PepsiCo Canada.

They will MATCH every donation made to this campaign up to a maximum of $25,000. That means your gift today will go TWICE as far.

Each month the equivalent of 6200 full school buses of children are supported by food banks across Canada, that’s 310,000 kids.

With your holiday gift, you are investing in programs designed to get kids interested in cooking and healthy eating… like The Curious Chefs: Cooking Club for Kids, delivered by Agape Centre in Cornwall.  Those recipes I shared with you are just two of the many recipes children learn to make each and every week.

I encourage you to test them out with a special child in your life. But first, will you share your own special kid-friendly recipe right now?

Watching the mail in anticipation,
Debbie O'Bray Signature.JPG
Debbie O'Bray 
Volunteer, Food Banks Canada Board of Directors and Supporter
P.S. Did you know that today is Giving Tuesday!  Spread the news about our online recipe book at

"The only decision I have left: to live or to die"

Tell President Obama: Transfer Shaker Aamer from Guantánamo.

"I have been deprived of everything but my life. So that's the only decision I have left: to live or to die." - Shaker Aamer, detained in Guantánamo for nearly 13 years

Dear Tracy,

President Obama cleared him for transfer.
President George W. Bush cleared him for transfer.
U.K. Prime Minister Cameron publicly and repeatedly calls for his release to the U.K.

Why is Shaker Aamer STILL in Guantánamo? How long must he wait for an end to his nightmare?

Join me today for Amnesty International's worldwide day of action on closing Guantánamo.

Tell the President: Keep your resolve. Close Guantánamo without delay. Transfer Shaker Aamer today.

Six years ago, President Obama ordered Guantánamo closed. But he failed to make good on this promise. We have kept up the pressure and are beginning to see long overdue progress: In the last eighteen months, the government has transferred 39 detainees out of Guantánamo.

But President Obama must do far more. He must harness the momentum and close Guantánamo by ensuring every detainee is either fairly tried or released - including Shaker Aamer, who was cleared for transfer more than seven years ago.

Tell the President: Transfer Shaker Aamer to the U.K. now and close the festering injustice that is Guantánamo.

Nine men have died in Guantánamo, including Adnan Latif, who, like Shaker, was cleared for transfer.

The Obama administration has said it plans to "significantly reduce" the Guantánamo population over the next six months.

But some in the new Congress want to keep Guantánamo open forever. We can't let that happen.

Steel President Obama's resolve. Urge him to transfer Shaker Aamer and make good on his promise to close Guantánamo.

Thank you for standing up for human rights today.

Naureen Shah
Director, Security and Human Rights Program
Amnesty International USA