Monday, July 21, 2014

Saxo Deep House/ Chill out music play list

1. Best Of Saxo Deep House ♫ A Gold Artists Edition ♪ 2014

A picture of a woman in a white bikini top.  42:27:

2. Sax/Deep House Mix - Sound of Heaven Vol.1

A picture of a brown haired woman looking at you.  1:05:54:

3. Maxi Lein - Beautiful Vocal Deep House (Amazing Selection)

A picture of a silhouette of a woman blowing smoke in front of a sunset. 1:00:34

4. The Best Of Vocal Deep House & Nu Disco 2013 (2 Hour Mixed By Zeni N)

It doesn’t work anymore, but I did listen to.

5. Deep House - Funky and Chillout Deep House

A black and white photo of the city streets. 1:24:20

6. 67 Chillout Classics The World's Best Music

A woman’s feet in a puddle and water is splashed around it. 3:39:32:

7. Guitar del Mar - (Balearic Cafe Chillout Island Lounge)

A picture of a brown haired woman playing guitar. 2:46: 13:


8. Wonderfull Chill Out Music Love Session On Amazing HD Video The Original

A picture of a woman with a leopard.  1:22:00


9. Wonderfull Chill Out Music Love Session Extended Version

A picture of a woman with a leopard.  2:00:03:

10. Enigmatic Chill-Out Lounge Session HD

A woman in a red dress and her hand is touching a leopard.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

MacEwan University programs review (P to W)/ NAIT

Jun. 20 MacEwan University:

Post Basic Nursing Practice Hospice Palliative Care and Gerontological Nursing: This sounds kind of depressing to me where nurses work at a hospice where they have to take care of terminally ill people.

Preparation for University and College: These are high school classes.

Professional Golf Management: I have no interest in golf.

Jun. 21 Psychiatric Nursing: You have to take human anatomy and physiology.  I thought it was just going to be psychology class, but psychiatry does have medicine with the mental health.

Special needs educational assistants: I don’t have patience to teach kids, and not with special needs.

Physical/Occupational Therapist Assistant: Human anatomy and physiology classes.

Therapist Assistant-Speech Language Pathologist Assistant: Classes like Normal Development of Speech, Language, and Literacy.

Travel: I don’t know about the job security of this position.  You can become a travel agent, but there are a lot of people who book their own trips on the internet.

Graduates work at travel agencies, but also hotels and tour guides.  You can be a branch and sales manager.

University Studies International:  “helps international students attain admission to a MacEwan University program.”

Wound management Post-basic Certificate: You have to be a registered nurse or other health care professional to get in.

Review: I looked up all the MacEwan University programs from Jun. 18-21.  I have looked up some of their programs like Public Relations before this.  Now that I went through each program, I see that MacEwan has a lot of medical majors.

Analysis paralysis: This is what people do when they over- analyze everything, and not make a decision.  Here it is on Wikipedia:

“Analysis paralysis or paralysis of analysis is an anti-pattern, the state of over-analyzing (or over-thinking) a situation so that a decision or action is never taken, in effect paralyzing the outcome.

A decision can be treated as over-complicated, with too many detailed options, so that a choice is never made, rather than try something and change if a major problem arises. A person might be seeking the optimal or "perfect" solution upfront, and fear making any decision which could lead to erroneous results, when on the way to a better solution.”

My opinion: I want to say I’m not in analysis paralysis.  I’m stuck and I don’t know which direction I want to go to.  So I looked up all these MacEwan programs to see what interests me.

Do you remember last year I went to NAIT’s buddy system by going into the Baking program for a day?  After I was there for the morning, I learned that it’s not really the program for me.

Jun. 22 NAIT: After I took the Graphic Communications program at NAIT, I started applying to other programs there.

Radio and TV-TV program: I tried to get in for Fall 2004 intake.  I got rejected.  I then tried again with Fall 2005 intake with my sister’s help on my Career Investigation report.  I got rejected.  I told the registrar to put it in for Winter 2006 intake, and also got rejected. 

Yeah, well at least I tried.  There isn’t really a guarantee I will pass the program.   Also there isn’t a guarantee I will get to become a TV producer after this program.

Radio and TV-Radio program: I applied this in Fall 2005 intake with my sister’s help.  I got rejected.  I put my application for Winter 2006 intake, and also got rejected.

That’s fine.  I feel like it still wasn’t totally my passion.  I applied because if I can’t get into TV, I will get to somewhere close to it like Radio.

Radio and TV courses- non- credit: I don’t remember seeing this before.

RATTV100: Radio audio production and fundamentals.

RAT- TV200:

Launch yourself into a television workshop setting. Students will learn the basics of television production and be introduced to the operations of simple and advanced broadcast equipment. Basic lighting and shooting techniques are covered, along with direction and production techniques. Students will be introduced to television cameras, video-tape, broadcast systems and the use of audio and video control rooms. There will be several hands-on exercises using professional broadcast equipment. In addition, students will learn the basic principles of on-camera presentation.

This course will be given consideration as a media course when applying for admission to the full-time Radio & Television Program.

My opinion: This looks kind of interesting.

Final Cut Pro –X: How to use this editing program.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Scenic Charms/ Theatre Production/ Story Hive

Jun. 12 Scenic Charms: I cut out this Edmonton Journal article “Making the journey from props to property" by Irene Seiberling on Jul. 9, 2011.  It profiled Charmaine Husum who worked in the film industry as a scenic artist and prop painter.  Here’s an excerpt of the article:

She worked alongside directors and cinematographers on such films as Brokeback Mountain, War Bride, The Claim, Night at the Museum, Twilight, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Passchendaele, Snow Dogs and Snow Days. She's worked with Johnny Depp, the late Heath Ledger, Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Brad Pitt, Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway.

Husum said she's thoroughly enjoyed working in the fast-paced, demanding film industry -dashing onto a set, colour-matching on the spot, then quickly touching up and repairing scenic art and props. But she noted it's extremely stressful work because "there's really no room to mess up."

Here’s her personal website Scenic Charms:

My opinion: This is related to the film industry, though not exactly in the writing way.  You guys may not know this, but after NAIT didn’t work out, I did look into MacEwan’s Theatre Production program.  It was creative and practical like Graphic Design. 

I didn’t apply to Theatre Production, and went and took a few classes at the Arts and Cultural Management program instead.  Well, theatre production isn’t totally for me.

Theatre Production: Here’s what it says at the MacEwan website: 

A booming arts and entertainment industry in Canada is creating enormous opportunities for skilled technicians. If you are creative and passionate about sets, costumes, props, and the latest sound and lighting equipment, then MacEwan University is the perfect place to start your challenging and rewarding backstage career. You are someone who is invisible to audiences, but without you the magic of theatre, television and film would not exist. A career in theatre production requires creativity, accuracy and determination. Following two intense years of study in MacEwan University’s Theatre Production program, you’ll have the skill set and experience you need to market yourself in a thriving industry.

In the first year of the two-year Theatre Production program you will learn about all aspects of theatre production. In the second year you can specialize in the area of your choice. Learn about:
  • Props and set construction
  • Lighting and sound effects
  • Costumes
  • Stage management
  • Collaboration with actors and directors
Jun. 13 Story Hive: I got this email “Edmonton Filmmaker granted $10,000 for passion project.”  I had to read it: 

Hi Tracy,

Hope you’re well! I thought you might be interested in the story of a local Edmonton filmmaker that has just received a $10,000 community grant to bring his dream series to life.

Ryan Northcott will be creating Against the Ropes, a series that profiles ex-pro Boxer Benny ‘The Jet’ Swanson and other pro-boxing hopefuls including an 11 year old boy that frequent Panther Gym in downtown Edmonton. His series will show how the sport and boxing community can provide a sense of family and belonging, often for those that need it the most – take a look at his pitch video here.

Ryan is one of 10 Albertans that received this grant. More info about the grant is below my signature, but let me know if you have any questions, or if you’d like to speak with Ryan!


Over the past few weeks, Edmonton filmmakers have been campaigning for votes from the community in hopes of winning a $10,000 grant from STORYHIVE, a community-powered grant program from TELUS that is set up for local filmmakers and content creators. These are dollars the winners can put towards the production of their next big project, short film or documentary.

The community voted and 10 Alberta winners (5 from Edmonton) were revealed last week. With their STORYHIVE grants these young filmmakers are now able to create their short films in the next ten weeks and see their visions come to life. Once complete, their projects will be featured on TELUS Optik TV On Demand in the fall, ensuring they get the exposure they deserve.

Jun. 17 Liberty Entertainment Group: I was reading in the Globe and Mail on Jun. 14, 2014.  It profiled Nick Di Donato’s wine cellar as a home décor article.  It says he owns the Liberty Entertainment Group.  It’s more hotels and night clubs than TV production.  However, the website is really good.  Look at the hotels and night clubs.  They look so good.

Jun. 23 Much Music: I was reading the Globe and Mail article: “Much Music’s growing pains” by Simon Houpt on Jun. 14, 2014.

In 2007, the channel had more than 140 people working there.  Last year, there are now 75 people working there.  CRTC said the channel lost $1.5 million last year.  It’s because of the internet.  You can go on Youtube and watch whatever music videos you want, anytime you want.

Lacey Chabert: I was on Yahoo news and I found this.  Here it is:

In "Watch What Happens: Live" Thursday, actress Lacey Chabert talked about why she quit as the original voice of Meg Griffin on "Family Guy" after just one season. Turns out her parents thought that between her school work and her gig on "Party of Five," it was just too much for the 15-year-old to handle. Little did they know that "Family Guy" would be running 15 seasons strong with Mila Kunis now voicing the part.

Here are some comments:

Chris: They always say Money isn't everything when they lose out on over 15 million in wages for doing a bit of work over the years she's missed.

Ira:You also have to remember that FG was CANCELLED real early. Not sure if it was after the first, second or third season--but it was viewer anger that forced FOX to bring it back.   chances are she and her family thought the show was a red herring anyway, with no future.  Kind of surprised that this fact wasn't mentioned in this article.

Matthewp: That's not at the whole story.  Her parents are Christian Conservative and objected to the show.  Being the sixth lead on a half hour weekly animation series, does not take that much time st all.

My opinion: I do have to say that being on a 1hr drama show and school is a lot of work.  An animated TV show seems like an extra that is not totally necessary.  That’s the thing with TV, it’s unpredictable with the successes. 

For example, when Dark Angel came out in 2000, I thought it was going to last a long time like years.  Then it got cancelled after the second season.  FOX told the show to be more like their other hits like The X-Files and X-Men, and it was put on a Friday night instead of staying with Tues. nights.  So I was angry about it.

There are also poor shows like Secret Life of the American Teenager and that lasted 5 seasons.

Tyra Banks: She’s coming back with her new talk show.  I remember back in 2010 she was ending her talk show after 5 yrs.  I was kind of sad and thought: “Now where am I going to get my teen pregnancy and prostitution episodes from?”

I’m sure some of you guys are laughing at me, but I seriously thought that.  I can go watch Dr. Phil and Teen Mom for the teen pregnancy.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

friend advice/ self-esteem study

Jun. 12 Friend advice: I was reading the Globe and Mail advice column by David Eddie on Jun. 5, 2014.  The question is: “A friend turns our get-togethers into therapy sessions. How do we make her stop?”

The question: Six months ago a group of friends started a weekly coffee get-together to stay connected and celebrate the positive side of life. In that time our friendship has strengthened and I believe a special  bond is forming that I would like to continue, but it is in jeopardy. One of our friends continues to hijack the conversation to use it as a therapy session and even though time is given to listen and give advice, she will not stop going in circles.  When we try to branch off onto another topic, she will have a story that eventually brings it back to her issues. This week, two friends told me she is driving them crazy and they are not sure if they can continue to come. We all want coffee time to continue and I want to help my friend. How can I do both?

The answer: Your friend sounds like a real hmmm, not quite sure what the word is for
it, I may have to make one up maybe of those Germanic-type compounds.  How about: koffeeklatschenjammer? Your friend is a real koffeeklatschenjammer. Definition: someone who brings social occasions involving hot caffeinated beverages to a medium-fine-grinding halt with long, boring, solipsistic soliloquies. Her cold-beverage counterpart: the bierhau sblottobore.  I don’t have that problem in my world. My friends love to talk about interesting topics and only about themselves when the story falls into that category.

What a bunch of interruptenheimers, though! I say this with great affection. They are live wires, and I know it all part of the cut and thrust of social intercourse, but it’s getting impossible to tell a story of any length any more.  That’s it, I just gonna abandon this anecdote, I had to say at a get-together recently. Too many interruptions.  It was a good one, too, full of cops and teenagers and other hair-raising components. Anyway, onto your friend.

I have a theory: People who are overly focused on their problems are often adrift in life. They’re not busy enough, so have a tendency to fluff their footling issues into a frothy foam, same way a barista makes milk for a macchiato or cappuccino: by stirring them around a lot and applying frequent injections of hot air.  So if you genuinely care about your koffeeklatschenjammer friend, your long-term goal should be trying to help her regain her sense of purpose and direction in life, so she can put her problems in perspective in her back pocket and not in a giant rucksack she upends at your coffee klatsches.

Meanwhile, in the short term, I see no reason you couldn’t form a splinter group  a breakaway klatsch.  That may seem harsh, but if your self-involved friend is derailing your interactions with people whom you feel could one day become close friends, decisive action is called for.  If she catches wind of this splinter klatsch, all the better. Maybe it’s time to drop some tough love on her:

You’re burning everyone’s beans by endlessly pouring over the same grounds. We love you, we want to talk about you some of the time, but we also want to talk about other things, too.  Phrase it however you like. Just say what’s in your heart. Have a Spanish coffee first if you need to bolster your courage. (Personally I wonder if your group wouldn’t be better off switching to non-caffeinated, alcohol-infused drinks, e.g chardonnay, but maybe that’s just me.)

Sound like impractical, non-real-world advice? I don’t think so. My friends may be a bunch of unrepentant interruptenheimers, but I love them all fiercely, and when one of them recently brought up something that was stuck in his craw vis-vis me, I was really glad he did.  He was all frosty and businesslike at first (cough cough WASP-y cough cough) then I could tell he made the decision just to blurt it out: Listen, Dave, there’s something I’ve been wrestling with and I was so happy he did. 

Because here’s the thing: If he hadn’t, I wouldn’t have had a clue about the thing that was bothering him.  And I can almost give you my Damage Control patented Absofreakinlute Guaranfriggintee your friend has no clue about her koffeeklatschenjamming, either.  She may feel hurt and/or angry. But look at it this way: You’re doing her a favour, in the long run. Better to feel a little zinged for a while than to have people slowly tiptoe/moonwalk away from her socially, which is what is bound to happen over time.  Let her brew and stew over it awhile. But only give her the keys to get back in the klatsch if she dials back her me-me-me monologues and starts to show willing to take a back seat and listen a little more.

My opinion: That’s some good advice.  That’s why I kind of prefer my weekly emails.  I’m sure some of you guys are like: “Oh no, she’s writing about Dateline: To Catch a Predator again.   I’m skipping that part.   Now she’s writing about Dr. Phil, so I’m skipping that paragraph.  Oh, here’s something I would like to read about.”

When I call you guys on the phone or I bump into you on the street, I ask: “So have you been reading my weekly emails?”  Then you guys can pick and choose what topic you want to discuss like some of you are: “Yeah, I read that one about the news.”  

When I email people, no one really emails me back.  But when I call you on the phone or talk in person, I ask about it, then it does prove you’ve been reading it or not.

There was that one time my friend Michelle had to email me back about Alison Redford, and couple of my other friends joined in on it too.  

Jun. 22 No consequences rebuttal: I wanted to add about that time in gr. 12 math class, the teacher Mr. Stabile was yelling at this girl for sleeping in his class.  This girl Lindsay yells at him and says: “Yeah, well you’re a jerk.”  The class says: “Ohhhhhhhh.”  

Earlier I said Lindsay didn’t experience any consequences because she didn’t get sent to the office.  However, she did get mild consequences because Mr. Stabile yelled at her.  The class said “Ohhhh” and no one supported her by saying: “Yeah, that’s right!”

Jul. 3 Gaining weight to stay in school: The other example I had was of someone eating a lot and not gaining any weight.  I saw this on Yahoo news:

“A 92-pound Yale University student has finally ended her faceoff with school officials who spent months insisting that she either gain weight or be suspended. And Frances Chan, 20, who contends she never had an eating disorder to begin with but is simply genetically thin, could not be more relieved.”

“Just visited Yale Health with my parents and met with a new doctor. She apologized repeatedly for the ‘months of anguish’ I went through and admitted that BMI is not the end all be all,” Chan posted to her Facebook page on Friday. “She also looked at my medical records since freshman year (which the previous clinician had not done) and noted that she saw that my weight had remained around the same. So she trusts that I do not have an eating disorder and admitted that ‘we made a mistake.’”

My opinion: So there is consequences for not gaining weight in Chan’s case.

Jul. 4 Self-esteem study: I read in the Metro on Jun. 30, 2014 “Let friends help you see the bright side.”  This adds to the friend advice topic.

Professor Denise Marigold, from Renison University College at Waterloo:

“People with low self-esteem want their loved ones to see them as they see themselves.  As such, they are often resistant to their friends’ reminders of how positively they see them and reject what we call positive reframing: expressions of optimism and encouragement for betting their situation.”

Article: “Participants reported that consoling friends and colleagues with low self-esteem was exhausting and frustrating due to their friends’ fundamental lack of desire for positive reframing.”

Marigold: “If your attempt to point out the silver lining is met with sullen reminder of the prevailing dark cloud, you might do best to just acknowledge the dark cloud and sympathizes.”

Article: “Participants reported that trying to cheer up a friend with one such dark side often made them feel worse about themselves, suggesting that low self-esteem is contagious.”

“Being open to positive reframing and allowing friends and family to cheer you up can greatly enhance self-esteem.  The findings were published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.”

My opinion: That’s a good article.  It reminds me of watching Dr. Phil.  I get frustrated and exhausted watching this show because it seems people don’t learn anything and there are cases where Dr. Phil isn’t really helping people as much.

I mentioned before about telling people to go to counseling in this blog post “Help Tracy Get a Job/ Generation Boomerang”:

Monday, July 14, 2014

Historic Supreme Court ruling for Indigenous Rights in Canada

Landmark Supreme Court ruling in Canada:
One more reason the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline should not proceed over the opposition of First Nations

Dear Tracy,

THANK YOU for supporting our online petition on the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline.
I wanted to take a moment to share with you a landmark Supreme Court decision that lends further weight to our position that the Canadian government must not approve a project of this magnitude against the wishes of affected First Nations. 
On June 26, a unanimous decision by the Supreme Court of Canada found that the Tsilhqot’in people continue to hold legal title to some 2000km2 in the heart of their traditional territory in central British Columbia. 
It’s hard to overstate the importance of this historic ruling, both for the Tsilhqot’in people, who first went to court to protect their land rights more than 20 ago, and for other Indigenous nations across Canada. 
Canadian law has long recognized that lands currently claimed by the provincial governments may in fact lawfully belong to Indigenous peoples. Until this point, however, the recognition has been largely abstract and readily ignored by governments. 

The new ruling by the Supreme Court found that the Tsilhqot’in had proven their ongoing ownership of a large tract of their traditional territory. The Court also firmly rejected the claim by the federal and provincial governments that the land owned by the Tsilhqot’in could be arbitrarily reduced to a few village sites and fishing rocks within this larger territory. 

Critically, the Court found that development on land owned by Indigenous peoples requires the consent of those nations. 

While the Court’s interpretation of Indigenous title applies only to lands where Indigenous ownership has been recognized, the Court itself pointed out that governments and industry should take note of the possibility of such ownership eventually being established. 

Much of the route of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline crosses territory where there are no treaties with Indigenous peoples and the underlying issue of Indigenous land title has never been resolved. These issues were excluded from the mandate of the public review on which the government says it based its decision to approve Northern Gateway. 

Amnesty International had joined with the Canadian Friends Service Committee (Quakers) to intervene in the Tsilhqot’in Supreme Court case. We issued a joint statement welcoming the decision and “the cautionary message that the Court sent to governments and private developers looking to push ahead with projects in lands where, like much of BC, the issue of Indigenous title has not yet been resolved.” 
Thank you for standing behind Amnesty International's actions in support of the rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada and around the world.  

Together, we're creating a more just world, where universal human rights are shared by all. 


Alex Neve
Secretary General
Amnesty International Canada

Electric shocks were just the beginning

No one has been held accountable for the torture of Claudia Medina Tamariz

Demand justice for Claudia Medina Tamariz 

Electric shocks ...  beating ... sexual assault ...

This was just the start of the torture that Claudia Medina Tamariz suffered on August 7, 2012 when she was taken from her home in Mexico in the middle of the night by a squad of marines.

Claudia was falsely accused of being a gang member and tortured through the night. She was wrapped in plastic to disguise the marks from the beating. The next day she was tied to a chair and left outside for hours in the brutal mid-day sun.

She signed a false confession to make the torture stop. She was paraded before the media as a dangerous criminal. But later that month, all but one of the charges against her were dropped, and she was released on bail.

To date, no one has been held accountable for this terrible abuse.

Please take action now to send a message to Mexico’s Federal Attorney General urging him to investigate Claudia’s torture allegations fully and promptly, and for those responsible to be held to account.

Thank you for joining the fight to #StopTorture.

Classical music list (Part 2)

Here is some classical music I listened to: 

1. The Best of Schubert

2.The Best of Schumann

3. The Best of Strauss - KPM Philharmonic Orchestra


4. The Best of Tchaikovsky


5. The Best of Verdi


6. Four Seasons ~ Vivaldi


7. The Best of Wagner